Friday, November 7, 2014

3 Reasons I Wish I was at BlizzCon and not work

Blizzard: they make goddamn good games! When it comes down to brass tacks, that's all that matters. Take your politics and bullshit and leave it at the door. For me, it's about Diablo, Warcraft III and HearthStone. These games are perfect for getting into the zone for hours on end. Put on some music or a good show, thrash some mobs or build an awesome new deck and color me perfect. Truth be told though, I'm not into WoW or Heroes of the Storm. When WoW came out I just couldn't bring myself to pay for a subscription for a game....but spending a couple hundred bucks on League of Legends will teach you that subscriptions may not be a bad idea. Here are three reasons I'd rather be at BlizzCon right now:

1. Work sucks. I would muuuuuuuch rather be at BlizzCon right now than sitting at my fucking desk writing about it. Plus, I would be in Anaheim! That means I could go to Knots Scary Farm or Halloween Disneyland or Medieval Times (they gotta do some sort of Halloween themed event). If you haven't been to a haunted theme park, you're really missing out. Double plus, California's got mountains and the Pacific Ocean, I'm sorry Texas, but the Golf Coast just doesn't compare!

2. Cosplay. I'm a big fan of the epic boob...errr the epic Cosplay! It's hard to think about how many sexy Dark Elves and Sexy Arthas' we are missing out on right now. For me, Cosplay is all about lookin sexy and BlizzCon has it in spades. Just look at these ladies, even if they are dressed in more than an armored bikini, this cosplay is awesome.

3. WarCraft IV. From the resurrected bones of Titan, Blizzard announced Overwatch, another soon to be FPS MOBA. The game seems to have much in common with Gearbox's Battleborn, but that's only from my first impression. The cinematic/gameplay trailer for this title has a lot of people (including myself) hyped to play it...but that's not the announcement I'm really hoping this the year we get WarCraftIV? Just thinking about it makes me want to go buy another battle chest and play through WCIII right now.

Do the right thing Blizzard! Bring in the big guns! Let us eat cake!    

[Edit: After more research, I must state that Overwatch is not a "MOBA". Maybe it was just my wishful thinking. I would have liked some sort of creeps and skill trees to advance during game play, Battleborn is already doing that though, so hurrah for diversity!!!]

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