Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! 2015

2014 if anything, you've been a bumpy ride. I wouldn't trade you though! I'll take your ups and downs, your trashy insides and over-hyped outsides. At least it wasn't a boring time to be a "gamer". We died, and much like Gandalf, came back from the brink of time and space, for a higher purpose. Our work here is not yet finished!...or at least as all the "gamer of the year" backpedaling articles have alluded to: they still need your clicks.

Much like a nerdy pubescent teen, this was a huge year for growth inside the gaming community. The dormant zits that had been festering for years finally reached a boiling point and started to burst. It was time for tough, awkward conversations that needed to happen. What we got was different. Lines in the sand. Self appointed "leaders" and moral arbiters took the high ground they had held firmly for years. Instead of that meaningful conversation with us, they got on top of the soap box and began to preach shame and guilt. The whole time thinking they were the adult here to guide and educate us, not talking or treating us how we should be...equals.

The fall of games media came to a head in 2014 and is something I want to talk more about in the future. Who was involved? Who brought it on? Who drew first blood? Brushing the drama off as trolls and clickbait writers is easy to do, but the issues go much deeper than that. I've read so many shitty things on both sides of the gaming culture war. Almost 4 months on people continue to fan the flames in order to keep the page views and click bait up...but if people continue to click, who's to blame?

It's much like the trend of pre-orders and rising tide of unfinished games. If you never do your chores, yet continue to receive your allowance regardless, are you ever going to do the dishes? Anyways, I've ran out of time...I've got to get going for NYE, but I will tell you my New Year Wish: Stop taking everything so seriously. Gaming is, and will always be about fun. I hope people will stop treating it as such serious business. I'm not saying we shouldn't argue or debate or try to push games to be a higher medium. To be honest, I love the drama! It's fun and interesting and keeps you on your toes, but just don't loose sight of why were all here. Fun! So if you're gonna do the drama thing...put a smile on your face at least ;)

Happy New Year Everyone!
And hello 2015

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hangover Gaming: Dungeon Village

If you haven't already been couch ridden this holiday season, odds are New Years day should get you there. A couch ridden weekday off is an awesome opportunity to catch up on some headache tolerable games. The best type of game for these situations is one that doesn't require so much of your attention that you can't also binge watch some show on Netflix. Like I said yesterday, I caught up on some House of Cards...I've also been watching some Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just finished Season 2 (Angel, how could you!?)

For the New Year, if you are one of the many who will be hitting the Tylenol, instead of the gym, I'm going to suggest one of my favorite Hangover Games: Dungeon Village. RPGs are by far and away one of my favorite genres. I love advancing through a story and watching your characters grow and become more and more badass as the game goes on. Dungeon Village, takes this concept and flips it on it's head.

Instead of going to the tavern and getting a quest, you are the tavern owner handing out the quests. Instead of hitting up the blacksmith to upgrade your weapons, you are the one selling the upgrade to that wondering adventurer you've been so many times before. But how can that be any fun!? You mean that I'm not the "Chosen One" again? I don't get to slay the dragon this time? Yes! That's exactly what I mean. You're just the entrepreneur benefiting off the backs and treasure of these clueless saps.

The basic premise of the game is that you own a fledgling outpost on the frontier of adventure land. Your goal is to upgrade your town and create a higher reputation for yourself in order to attract more adventures to your "cause"...which is basically making more money off of them. You upgrade by adding more features to your village, like housing to live or just stay the night a,t or a bar for them to waste their hard earned loot on.

Think of it like Pokemon, you help with training and supplying your "PokeAdventures" to complete their tasks. You pick the right personnel for a given quest and you can also "evolve" your adventures with different jobs that give them added bonuses to their stats. Between setting up your village just the way you want it, training your adventures and watching them complete their quests, there's lots to love with this game. The biggest downfall comes with it's short play time and zero to no end game content. Once you reach the end, there's nothing left to do, unless you want to start all over again....and unless you're hungover all the time, you're going to want to put plenty of time between you and your first run through.

The developer, Kairosoft, has many other games with basically the same concept of game play. This
is the only one of their titles that I've picked up so far, but my next couch ridden day I think I'm going to give Game Developer Story a $4.99 Dungeon Village is worth the money, and Kairosoft provides free "lite" versions of most of their games, so be sure to give the demo a try before making the full purchase. I mean that's a full meal at McDonald's. I don't want you wasting your money here.

So, you have any suggestions for me for my next Hangover game? What types of casual games do you like the best?
Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lizard Squad: X-mas Scrooge or Savior?

Well, hello there! Nice to see you again! I hope you had a very merry Christmas and got all the games that you asked for. I had no time to work on more ideas for the blog, or to catch up on any gaming. I want to complain, but I had a great time with family, binge watching House of Cards/Homeland...I was planning on coming back here with some sort of announcement about the future of TDDWS, but I have a ton more research that I have to do, before I can say anything.

Anyways...while I was watching the action unfold on Netflix, I was completely unaware that the real drama was taking place on twitter between 3 hacker groups and internet freedom of speech crusader, Kim Dotcom. The fall out came in the form of a digital Scrooge to take away Christmas cheer for millions of PSN and Xbox live users. Much like "David and Goliath", the infamous Lizard Squad hurled a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) at the corporate giants in order to cripple their online gaming services, and succeeded in taking them down.

Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility for previous DDoS attacks against Destiny (that was a fun one), League of Legends and Machinima, not only for the lulz...but also, a higher purpose. Would, or should you trust a multi-billion dollar company with your credit card information if they can't withstand these attacks? I can tell you how much fun it was to receive an email from Sony stating that my information had been stolen from sucks. Collectively we pay millions of dollars monthly for online subscriptions to these services, yet even after all these previous hacks, nothing has changed?

This time, the digital white flag didn't rise until Mr. Dotcom offered the holiday hackers over $300,000 worth of vouchers for Megaupload. His reasoning seems to be more about saving face for hackers across the globe, than to save Christmas. And I see his point. How likely are we to hear that the net needs more regulation and big brother needs more tools to help keep an eye on internet "terrorist attacks" like this? With the addition of North Korea cyber attacks, Lizard Squad could easily be playing into their hand.  

I can see the major lulz in causing a global temper tantrum/headache for toddlers and parents around the globe. I can also see Lizard Squads higher purpose of pointing out flaws in security for these corporations...but Mr. Dotcom makes a excellent point. Are actions such as this just playing into a narrative for more online regulation? Already news outlets such as the BBC are claiming that we are all the "victims" of Lizard Squad's digital "terrorism"...they ruined Christmas for Christ Sake! This hyperbole is only going to get worse if these attacks continue.

Sure enough, these attacks will continue though. Lizard Squad's Christmas "gift" was a smash hit for the group, why would they stop here? They gained more notoriety, they successfully took down both Microsoft/Sony and received a huge payout by Mega. I say get the popcorn ready, there's only more to come. And if it isn't Lizard Squad, other hackers will rise to take there place. People like to say that they don't like drama, but if our tastes in media are any barometer we should be claiming the exact opposite. One of the best things about this for me has been discovering #dramaalert, a great show by FaZe Keemstar. Check out his interview here with Kim Dotcom, Anonymous, Lizard and Finest Squad here.

So what do you think? Hate Lizard Squad? Think they're doing the lord's work? Let me know!
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth! GOTY

The end of the year is a time for reflection...or it's just another excuse to drink and take a week off from work...but writing this blog has made me come out of my "lurker shell" a bit and contemplate things a little harder. Not just the past year, but everything up to this point and also where I'm heading in the future. I'm very, very happy to be writing about games again and using my passion to create something, instead of just going along passively.

Today, I'm going to write about my all time favorite game of 2014. The rest of the week I'll be taking off to do some more reflection and just enjoy the holiday with friends and family. When I come back though, I want to outline what I see for the future of Til Death Do We Start, and how I would like to further improve on it. So far, these past couple months have just been a test to prove to myself that I could manage a post a day...and 28 posts later (Zombies!) I'm still here with no signs of stopping. The future is exciting for this industry and myself, but it's good to look back on the past. So without further ado, here's my Game of the Year! (Spoilers duh)

South Park: The Stick of Truth  
 Wins the "Til Death Do We Start" Game of the Year award!

Giving The Stick of Truth this prestigious, much sought after award was an easy choice for me. There is just no other game that has even come close to making me smile as big or laugh as hard as this game did. And it's as simple as that...This year had some great moments in action, drama and gameplay, but none shone as bright as the comedic genius behind the first true South Park game.

There are just so many moments that stand out...for the first time being able to choose "Jew" as your character class...Accidentally giving Randy Marsh an anal probing on board a UFO...Nazi Zombie Fetus'....The worlds biggest Taco Bell...Accidentally giving Randy Marsh an abortion...8 bit Canada...the Underpants Nome fight under the throws of passion by your parents...retrieving the Snook from Mr. Slaves asshole...just so many unforgettable experiences!

The RPG elements of the game had a South Park twist to them, but were still pretty basic and repetitive. This would be a big downfall for the game, but with only about 15 hours to beat from start to finish, the game concludes without getting stale. Now you might be thinking, "a 15 hour RPG!? This is blasphemy!" But I wish more rpg developers would take the hint. Of course, we need our epic Skyrims and Dragon Ages, but does every RPG need to be overflowing with fetch quests and npc "save my wife" missions? Hell no! This is an RPG that has all the filler taken out and continuously keeps the punchlines and story rolling. Which is much appreciated. 

So, thank you and congratulations Obsidian Entertainment, Matt Stone and Trey Parker for giving us the South Park game that we, and you always wanted. I'm not sure I would hope for a sequel to this game, but if Matt and Trey were willing to put as much of their time and dedication for the sequel as they did for The Stick of Truth I would definitely like to see if they could expand on the premise successfully.   

So what's your GOTY? What's got you excited for the future in gaming?
As always, thanks for reading and I'll see you after Xmas!
Happy Holidays :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Finally a Decent Digimon Game?

Ahhhh Digimon how long it has been! Growing up, if I wasn't collecting or playing the card game, I was often glued to the television to watch Tai and the rest of the DigiDestine struggle to save the real and digital world from catastrophe. The plot and characters from the first season were incredible! Who can forget Gabumon and emo boy Matt...always sulking around or playing that harmonica? Or that one time when Agumon turned into SkullGreymon because Tai was pushing him too hard? Or when the team finally defeats Devimon, only to discover that he wasn't the final boss, just the beginning. So many good times!

The following seasons of Digimon: Adventure 2 and Digimon: Tamers didn't hold as much weight as the original, but they were still pretty good. Especially when compared to other cartoon series like Pokemon, that just really didn't compete in quality story telling or character development...but that was the show, the video games were a completely different story.

It makes sense when you know that Pokemon was an actual game that eventually became a TV show. While on the other hand, Digimon was a gigapet that became a show, that eventually became a video game. Digimon was free to create the vision of its world through a narrative that was scripted for TV, while Pokemon just followed the exact same formula that lived in the original Gameboy game. Which makes for incredible game play, but not so much in the Saturday morning cartoon department. 

The first Digimon World, and follow up Digimon World 2 were terrible...I mean I still played the shit out of them, but they were not quality games. The first one had a bland open world, that had you doing all the gigapet stuff: feeding your digimon and picking up it's digital crap. Besides that, you just blindly walked around with no fucking clue as to what to do. The second was a weird dungeon crawler rpg that had you build this tank that you dragged your digimon around in. Eventually you would get into a battle where you had to sit and watch the same long ass battle animations over and over again. It took for fucking ever.  

I never played the follow up games, Digimon: World 3 or any of the battle arena SmashBros knock offs, because one look and you could easily tell it was a waste of time, which is frustrating because the concept of a Digimon game, in theory, should be a blast! You get a digital monster, you train it and take care it, it evolves, you train it against your friend's Digimon, you fight the bad guys and eventually save the DigiWorld! Not that fucking hard to get an idea for the game.

Well they might have actually done it finally. Today I got to see the trailer for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, which looks equal parts Digimon and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. Is this finally it!? Or is it just another game that's digidestined to suck my nuts? Only time will tell...or if it even gets released stateside. 

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think. What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) Digimon memories?
Thanks for reading!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Killzone: the Next "Hot Coffee" Lawsuit?

In 1994 a 79-year-old woman named Stella Liebeck, became the center of a nation wide controversy over what many believed to be a "plague"of frivolous lawsuits hitting corporations, hospitals and Ma n' Pop shops all over America. Stella was privileged to have this wonderful stigma bestowed upon her for having the audacity to sue over one of MURICAs favorite pastimes...spilling McDonald's coffee on your crotch.

And who could blame us for condemning her as an "entitled whiny baby"? Who among us hasn't had the pleasure of having a steaming puddle of scolding hot coffee/chocolate/tea/or whatever finding it's way to your nether regions? It's one of those facts of life, it's happened to everyone at some point and most of the time you don't get a $3 million "get well soon" check when it happens. For this reason the lawsuit resonated heavily with people at the time and they were quick to pass judgment on Stella.

I was 8 years old when it happened and I still remember knowing aboutthe entitled hot coffee lady. Everyone talked about it! Dear Abbey, Dr. Laura and a pill riddled Rush Limbaugh gabbed their jowls day in and day out about Stella being a sign of the further decay of American morality. Hell, even Seinfeld had an episode about it, in which Kramer burns himself with hot coffee, only to screw up his big payday at the last moment.

Time went on and the Dear's, Dr.'s and Limbaugh's of the world moved on to the next controversy. It wasn't until much later that the actual details of the lawsuit came to light for the American public. An HBO documentary entitled "Hot Coffee" came out on June 27, 2011, which helped change many peoples perspective about the landmark case. Stella's 3rd degree burns were too horrific to show on TV at the time, so no one really understood the extent of the injury's (Google them if you want), and the toted $3 million that talking heads were so quick to rattle off was actually estimated to be more around a $500k figure. Ultimately Stella Liebeck was way more justified than anyone was willing to give her credit for and she ended up changing the industry. McDonald's lowered it's standard temperature for it's coffee.

Which ultimately brings me to Killzone: Shadow Fall and the current lawsuit that Sony is facing over native 1080p. If you don't know what the difference between 1080p, 1080i or 720p, just check out this quick tutorial. Yesterday Judge Edward Chen gave the green light to a $5 million class action lawsuit against Sony for false advertising claims. Basically the suit claims that Sony allegedly advertised the game would run at a "native" 1080p, "Native" meaning that the images are created or rendered in 1080p, but in multiplayer they used a technique called 'temporal reprojection' "which combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image". So it's not "1080p". To the human eye though, under most circumstances you can't tell the difference.

The plaintiff, Douglas Ladore, claims that the multiplayer graphics are "blurry" and not up to the 1080p promise that Sony gave initially...and this is where my dilemma comes in. I want to call Douglas the next "hot coffee" lady. I mean, Shadow Fall was the first game that I picked up for PS4 and it looks fucking amazing, in and out of multiplayer. To this day there are very few games, that I've come across at least that hold a candle to what Shadow Fall has achieved on the PS4, yet we have this lawsuit? Douglas must have the eyes of the falcon or the cynicism of a British game critic to see such minute differences to warrant a $5 million dollar payoff for the difference.

But as I stated before, this is actually a dilemma for me. As much as I want to say that it's frivolous and unfounded, it may just be the lawsuit this industry needs. How many developers would be willing to advertise outrages claims if they feared the next Douglas Ladore coming after them? And this has always been a huge problem with developers. Destiny, Aliens, Watchdogs off the top of my head. I could list more examples but I'm out of time and you already know what I'm talking about. Maybe developers need to have their wings clipped a bit to bring them back to ground level. It's ok to wait until you KNOW what your game is capable of before promising the moon and stars. Think of how many of the issues we've been complaining about over the years could be solved. Maybe that's just what we need, to lower the temperature of the coffee just a bit.    

Let me know your thoughts! How do you like your coffee?
Thanks for reading!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Holly Jolly X-mas Wishlist

Only one week left until the big day! That big jolly fat man will be shoving himself down your chimney, eating your food and giving toys to all the good girls and boys. Of course I'm on the good list this year, but what about you? Are you getting a fat lump of coal? There's no hiding it people! He's got a list! So if you've Scrooged it up again you better put it into overdrive to find Santa's Salvation.

You still have 7 days left to make up for all raging and trolling you've done this year. Maybe tell someone "you'll get um next time!" when they dive that tower again, instead of your usual, "KILL URSLF FCKN N00B" that you enjoy handing out. There's plenty of great gaming gifts to give and receive this year, so don't miss out on the fun. Check out my X-mas wish list and what you may be getting if you've been naughty this year. Be sure to let me know what's on yours!

My PS4 Wish: PS VITA
Also known as the JRPG Player, there are plenty of adventures that I haven't yet been able to sink my teeth into. I owned a first gen PSP, it'd be cool to see what's changed! Also I wouldn't mind having the remote PS4 play while my TV is preoccupied.

Runner up: Wolfenstien: New Order or Dragon Age:Inquisition
I've heard great things about the Wolfenstein reboot! Dragon Age has a little more mixed reviews, but I'm willing to bet I'd enjoy the open world and running my very own inquisition! Look at me now mom!

Naughty boys and girls get: The Evil Within
The first time you try to punch one of the "barbwire zombies" you'll see that you are truly in hell and it's not getting any better.

My Wii U Wish: Hyrule Warriors
Dynasty Warriors meets Zelda, need I say more? Well I probably could, I just don't have a lot of time and I have 8 more of these blurbs to write.

Runner up: Amiibos 
I mean, these are actual toys! What says Christmas more than petroleum that's been molded into your favorite vidya characters!? Plus they can fight eachother! I want Fox, Kirby, Mario and Pikachu. In that order

Naughty boys and girls get: Sonic Boom
Oh Sonic...poor poor Sonic...I miss you

My Xbox One Wish: Xbox One
Well I need the system to have any other Xbox One wishes.

Runner up: Halo: Master Chief Collection
I wouldn't mind blazing through Halo again with the updated graphics. I hear that multiplayer's been pretty buggy, but I'm sure they'll get it figured out. Besides, my main multiplayer experience with this game was actual couch pvp, "quit peeking at my screen asshole!"

Naughty boys and girls get: Sunset Overdrive
I could be completely wrong about this, but the advertising campaign for this game and it's "Avril Lavigne Sk8ter PUNX" aesthetic is completely obnoxious. This might be more for parents who've been naughty this year.

My PC Wish: Dark Souls 2
I need to get up to speed on From Softwares titles before Bloodborne comes out. I need to prove that I'm worthy!

Runner up: Warcraft 3 Battle Chest
I absolutely love this game! I've beaten it probably 4 or 5 times, and I want to play it again. After talking about the possibility of the 4th installment coming out soon, I want to give the battle chest another run.

Naughty boys and girls get: QWOP    
You've been a very naughty boy/girl! QWOP for you!

Merry soon to be Christmas everyone! I hope you get everything you want! And if you've been naughty I hope you can turn it around in time. Me and Krampus are rooting for you!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

PSM Swimsuit Special: Things Have Changed

A couple weeks ago I talked about how I may have accidentally stumbled upon the initial spark of #Gamergate while searching for something I wanted to share with you. Well I know it's been awhile, but I didn't forget! So without further ado, here's the surprise! A limited edition 2004 Swimsuit Special of (Unofficial) PlayStation Magazine, one of my favorites from the time. My my video game "journalism" has changed over the years! I could only imagine how something like this would fly today...Imagine the boycotts and outrage that would ensue if Game Informer or The Edge tried to do this! Hahaha that would be awesome.

Well a decade ago it really wasn't anything to put your keyboard warrior gloves on for. It was just a sign that you were a nerd and something your friends laughed at you about when they found it. Pretty harmless, or at least I thought it was. The magazine obviously took a page out of the Sports Illustrated playbook and brought the swimsuit special to their mag. Game journo outlets were hype masters then, and how better to get their mostly teen male audience excited about games than showing off everyone's favorite game girl's assets.

This is what I enjoyed about games writers back then. Not the obvious pandering or or over-hype, but the sincerity behind it. There's no doubt in my mind that they loved the games they wrote about, and they were excited to share that with their audience...But of course, as time went on people got tired of over hyped games ending up being complete shit on release. Even on the cover of this issue you can see a screen shot of LotR: The Third Age, a game that mags wrote about with such enthusiasm you could easily confuse it with the second coming. I played was alright.

So it makes perfect sense that the Totalbiscuits, Jim Sterlings and Zero Punctuations of the world (or more precisely, the UK) would rise to take their place. I mean they have British accents! They must know what they're talking about! The current trend is almost the exact opposite, it's the "your game sucks, until proven innocent"mentality. It's good to be weary of any developers claims, we've all been burned too many times, but some of these new personalities just come off way too salty sometimes. But this same mentality is rampant everywhere you go. Try going to any forum on the internet to talk about that game you love. I'm sure you'll find plenty of people there willing to tell you 20 ways why you're an idiot and your game sucks.

The pendulum has swung too far to the other side. If you only want to give credit where credit is due, that's fine, but let's just remember why we're all here at the same table. We love games because ultimately they're fun...remember? That thing you used to do all as a kid? Now what do you play for? To be better than other people? To give you some sort of false sense of accomplishment? To bitch about minute details of incredible works of art? Ok?

Well...I feel somewhat in the middle about all of it. I see the benefits of being a consumer advocate, but this competition of who can be the most cynical person on the internet is, albeit popular, very predictable. I don't think we'll be leaving the cynics behind anytime soon, but maybe we can find a happy medium of critical thinking and a love of the medium. Hey I know! Maybe another swim suit edition!...and hell we don't need to discriminate lets put Solid Snake in a speedo! Fuck it.

Miss old game journos too? Like it the way it is? Can you name all the ladies?
Lemme know! Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Are Target and Valve Censoring Games? Yes!

(Update 12/17: Gabe caught wind of Hatred being removed and then put it back up on Greenlight)

A lot of people seem to be confused by the definition of censorship. Let's just clear this controversy up a bit with Google...according to Wikipedia, Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, media outlets, authorities or other groups or institutions. Governments, private organizations and individuals may engage in censorship. Censorship may be direct or it may be indirect, in which case it is called soft censorship.

In the case of Target Australia and more recently, Steam is this the case? Are these private organizations engaging in suppression of speech? Well according to the definition, yes! By choosing to not carry products due to the controversy surrounding them, Target and Valve are indirectly censoring the products from their stores. 

It's not just Uncle Sam that can take your toys away, anyone can be a censor! Your school, your job, your parents, your local Target or even your online digital game retailer. So when people tell you that Target isn't censoring GTAV by not carrying the game, they are wrong. Same goes for Steam and Hatred. These institutions are actively choosing what media is appropriate and inappropriate for their audiences, and actively removing products they deem unworthy. 

Some silly people think that, "since the games will be available at other retailers that it isn't censorship", but the media IS still suppressed within the institutions of Target and Steam. They also seem to think that only governments can create censorship, but those of us with overprotective parents know this isn't the case. 

Unknowingly following the footsteps of dictators before her, my Mother literally burned my books, CDs and games that she assumed were products of satanic materialism. Just because those products were available elsewhere to me, they were still censored by the institution of my mother. I know she meant well by trying to shield me from corruption, but sometimes this type of overbearing protection can backfire. The more she pushed, the more I was interested in the things she was shielding me from. 

Just like my Mom, I don't believe that Target and Steam are wrong for removing these controversial products from their audiences. They have every right to censor products they don't want to associate with, and more power to them! I just don't understand why they would do this. First off Steam comes off as hypocritical for carrying games that basically have the same premise as Hatred and Target misses out on potential sales for a game they've been carrying many previous versions of (not counting spin offs). 

Ironically, removing these games is only going to help them succeed by raising awareness, adding to the hype and creating a underdog narrative. It's the "Chick-Fil-a Effect". When the company spoke out publicly against same sex marriage, college campuses and liberals all around America protested and called for boycotts. But Chick-Fil-a's main audience is conservative fast food goers, exactly the opposite of their opposition. It was seen as an attack by the left on something the right loved. The company went on to have record breaking sales at their restaurants due to the controversy. I'm wondering if Valve and Target are just setting these games up for similar success story that they'll be missing out on.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Is this just a case of disassociation? One way or another I'd love to hear it below or: