Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Best Intros: Chrono Cross

Good games come along often. You don't have to look very hard to find something that will help you kill an hour or two in an enjoyable way...but every so often when the planets align, something special happens! A game so good comes along that it can actually make you laugh or...cry. A game soooo good that you're literally on the edge of your seat barely grasping the controller just to keep up with the action! A game sooooooooo good that you can hear a song from it and you're suddenly transported to a different time in your life sitting in front of the TV again in awe. 

Many things go into making a great game, just like making anything monumental. It's parts talent and creativity mixed with timing, hard work and passion. This greatness can often be found in the details. The hallmark for a great game is at the very beginning. When you pressed the power button and inserted that cartridge/disk the blank screen would come to life to give you a taste of what is to come. Too many games these days forgo the intro, just a big flashing Start Button. Such a wasted opportunity by developers! Of course not all, see the Binding of Isaac intro for example. 

Here are some amazing intros to some of my favorite games
Chrono Cross:

This intro just does so many things right...This is by far one of my favorite intros of all time. The beginning is soft and somewhat mystical. The passage that appears on screen seems to take place after the journey has already ended, giving you a glimpse of the love and tragedy that's already taken place. Midway through the song picks up and suddenly there are dragons, some girl with a knife and shit starts blowing up... and hell it's getting me pumped already! It shows you so much but nothing at the same time. You want to know these characters and their story more. Fucking awesome intro.
Well I was planning on showing you 3 of these...but I'm already out of time! I'll share the others soon enough! 

What is your favorite intro? Thanks for reading! 

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