Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Break Ups Suck...So Does This Post

Whelp....seems like me and my girlfriend are breaking up...total fucking bummer...and makes me really not want to write anything right now, but fuck it! I just took a 2 week break from writing, and for my sanity I can't take another...

Contrary to what seems to be popular belief these days, many girls DO NOT like video games. In fact the overwhelming majority of the girls that I've dated (as in all of them) have not liked video games at all. About a decade ago I actually wrote a blog post on 1up.com to get my girlfriend into gaming. I would show it to you now, but I can't find it....anyways, my current girlfriend/ex has tolerated my hobby with a pretty good attitude, so if she's reading this (since I think she's the only person who does)...don't think this is all about you! Mmmmkay?...So without further adieu, here's my top 3 worst things about having a girlfriend who hates video games!

1st. They NEED your attention when you're gaming (ok well this one is about her, but I thought it
was more cute than anything...most of the time): No matter that they've been texting, checking their Pintrest and watching a movie for the past 3 hours...as soon as you pick up that controller, they're going to complain how you don't want to spend time with them! They want to cuddle!...and for you to watch them multi-task! That's more fun than any game! Right? RIGHT?!

2nd. The "look": You know the look...they get home from work or from a friends house and you hear the door open behind you. You can feel the eyes rolling out of the back of her head at this point...soon to be followed by "Here again?! What have you done all day?". Fuck! Makes you feel like your mom or dad just got home and caught you masturbating again!

3rd. The "it's a Waste of Time" talk: Every girl will tell you they like gaming...what they mean is they like a couple rounds of Mario Kart, cause who the fuck doesn't!? But when you get into an epic RPG, we're talking 60+ hours just to complete the game! Having a girlfriend or boyfriend who tells you your passion is a waste of time is one of the worst things ever, and huge red flag to GTFO as soon as possible!

...and to those of you who actually think video games are a waste of time, FUCK YOU. Video games are the greatest intuitive medium made by man, and still in its infancy to boot. I'll go deeper into that in a future post, but let's just say that people like you will be in the minority in the future...not so much now.

My GF didn't love vidya like I do, but she was very supportive if not a little bewildered at times, and I greatly thank her for that. I'm pretty bummed right now, but I'll be back tomorrow...I'm not going to get wicked drunk and call out, I'm not going to get wicked drunk and call out, I'm not going to get wicked drunk and call out......    

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