Monday, December 15, 2014

Destiny: The Dark Below, Should Stay Down There

I was one of the believers...about three months ago I found myself bloody and bandaged standing outside a GameStop. It was a work night, but that didn't matter, I  had taken the next couple days off to play Destiny after it's initial release. This was the first time that I had ever stood in line to get a preordered game. Before then I couldn't afford to preorder games...I was broke and in debt, but I had finally got my shit together. I had a good job, started saving my money and took care of business. No longer must I wait a generation to play all the games that beckoned me. So I preordered, got a tattoo, took a couple days off and stood in line to celebrate my change of fortune.

I was pumped to get into this game! I bought into the hype hardcore, and why wouldn't I? The game was developed by Bungie, one of the best developers and story tellers of our time. The visuals alluded to a mishmash of classic works of fantasy and Sci-fi and the scope of the story was expected to be epic Star Wars original trilogy levels. I WANTED to love this game and I wanted to be one of the first guardians to enter the world of Destiny.

So there I was standing with the rest of the nerds, playing a Charades type game on the GameStop managers was awkward, but I didn't care! I was excited and I was excited to be around other people who were just as excited. This particular manager had just moved to the region and wanted to show that his stop was the best, so he decided to raffle off various Destiny merch that the store had acquired. Plus one lucky person would be getting an expansion pass for The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

The raffle began and one by one people walked away with various posters and cardboard cut outs of guardians...they could keep it, I wanted that expansion pass. 15 minutes before the clock struck midnight the the manager raffled the grand prize. He called number after number, but many of the original group had been driven off by the act of public social that upped the odds in my favor...after what seemed like 6 or 7 numbers before it, he eventually called me! That night I had the game, the expansion, a new tattoo and a couple days was a good time.

I am of the oldschool mentality that you don't look up anything about the game you're playing until you've beaten it yourself. This was one of times I shouldn't have been so honorable. I spent that weekend underwhelmed getting to know the game and spending waaaaaay to much time doing pvp crucible matches. At the time I had no idea what the factions were or that I was not obtaining any marks from my time spent because I was underleveled.

This might be one of my biggest issues with Destiny, the game never really explains itself. In regards to story, gameplay and character development the game expects that you are subscribed to the Bungie forums or r/destinythegame, which honestly is one of the only reasons I know ANYTHING about this game. It expects you to do your research and often punishes those who don't.

I am so thankful for that GameStop Manager. Without him, I'm not sure I would have thrown down the 20 bucks to pick up this poor excuse for an expansion. I'm lucky enough to own a PlayStation, so I got the complete content upgrade, but that still doesn't add much to the game. 3 story missions, 2 strikes and a new raid...of which I still haven't been able to play the original raid, being that I don't have 5 friends who own a PS4, the game and all happen to have a few free hours to devote to beating it.

I am so disappointed with this game. Not to say that I don't enjoy anything about it. It's a tight shooter, upgrading your guardian is fun and multiplayer is just could have been so much more than it is. I was hoping that this expansion would be the push to get this game into a more acceptable level, but that just isn't the case. The most noticeable difference in the new levels is there's no sign of the Dinklebot, I wonder if the Dinklage has walked from this project all together.

My thought on the game so far is that it's not worth the purchase. I still have a hope that Bungie will turn this around for the next addition that they put out, but this game just doesn't hold up currently save your time and money until, like me, Bungie gets their shit together.

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