Monday, December 22, 2014

Finally a Decent Digimon Game?

Ahhhh Digimon how long it has been! Growing up, if I wasn't collecting or playing the card game, I was often glued to the television to watch Tai and the rest of the DigiDestine struggle to save the real and digital world from catastrophe. The plot and characters from the first season were incredible! Who can forget Gabumon and emo boy Matt...always sulking around or playing that harmonica? Or that one time when Agumon turned into SkullGreymon because Tai was pushing him too hard? Or when the team finally defeats Devimon, only to discover that he wasn't the final boss, just the beginning. So many good times!

The following seasons of Digimon: Adventure 2 and Digimon: Tamers didn't hold as much weight as the original, but they were still pretty good. Especially when compared to other cartoon series like Pokemon, that just really didn't compete in quality story telling or character development...but that was the show, the video games were a completely different story.

It makes sense when you know that Pokemon was an actual game that eventually became a TV show. While on the other hand, Digimon was a gigapet that became a show, that eventually became a video game. Digimon was free to create the vision of its world through a narrative that was scripted for TV, while Pokemon just followed the exact same formula that lived in the original Gameboy game. Which makes for incredible game play, but not so much in the Saturday morning cartoon department. 

The first Digimon World, and follow up Digimon World 2 were terrible...I mean I still played the shit out of them, but they were not quality games. The first one had a bland open world, that had you doing all the gigapet stuff: feeding your digimon and picking up it's digital crap. Besides that, you just blindly walked around with no fucking clue as to what to do. The second was a weird dungeon crawler rpg that had you build this tank that you dragged your digimon around in. Eventually you would get into a battle where you had to sit and watch the same long ass battle animations over and over again. It took for fucking ever.  

I never played the follow up games, Digimon: World 3 or any of the battle arena SmashBros knock offs, because one look and you could easily tell it was a waste of time, which is frustrating because the concept of a Digimon game, in theory, should be a blast! You get a digital monster, you train it and take care it, it evolves, you train it against your friend's Digimon, you fight the bad guys and eventually save the DigiWorld! Not that fucking hard to get an idea for the game.

Well they might have actually done it finally. Today I got to see the trailer for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, which looks equal parts Digimon and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. Is this finally it!? Or is it just another game that's digidestined to suck my nuts? Only time will tell...or if it even gets released stateside. 

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think. What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) Digimon memories?
Thanks for reading!

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