Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hangover Gaming: Army of Darkness

I have returned on time, as promised!...but let's be honest I'm not feeling that great right now. I thought today would be perfect time to talk about some more hangover games, since I'm in the perfect mood for one now. I figure at some point I'll get around to talking about Hearthstone and Kingdom Rush, but those games are so popular you probably already know about them.

There's just too much shit (as in shitty games) on the app store. If you don't know what you're doing you can spend your entire hangover just looking for a game instead of playing one, and that'll just make your headache worse. So, don't worry I've done some of the heavy drinking for you already.

I've been a fan of Bruce Campbell since I first saw Army of Darkness when I was a kid, which is probably why I even gave this game a chance...because, let's be honest here it looks like complete shit. The flash animation is terrible and the track record of Evil Dead/Army of Darkness games being decent is somewhere around Star Wars prequel levels...I decided to pick it up regardless (it might also have something else to do with the fact that it's free). If I remember correctly (cause I'm too lazy to look it up) I think you may have had the option for micro-transactions to help boost your troops, but they weren't necessary to purchase if you knew what you were doing and plus that would completely take the fun out of the game. Not the best business model for them, but good for you.

The game is a tug-of-war tower defensish type game. Basically you control the Boom Stick Wielding Ash by moving him up and down the field by touching the right or left side of the screen. As time goes, you gain resources to summon units to send into battle. The enemy will continually send out waves of their own troops from the right side of the screen and you must use your resources to keep them at bay. Over the course of the game you'll unlock tougher units to use in battle, but so will the enemy. There are quite a few other games like this on the app store, but too many others fall short due to shallow game play or being "Pay to Play".  

You'll gain experience points with each battle, you then upgrade different units and abilities that you have at your disposal. You can upgrade Ash, Ash's MadMax'd Oldsmobile, your units, base defenses and even The Pit! The fun of the game comes from figuring out the best strategy for you, I managed to make it far into the game only to discover that I spent my experience points wrong and had to go back to the beginning, but the second and eventual 3rd play through, just got more fun as you go.

You'll be able to complete the game in about a day, so it's the perfect game to start and finish while you are recovering. Plus you can't beat free! So give the best Army of Darkness game I've played a try. Hail to the King baby.

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