Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hangover Gaming: Dungeon Village

If you haven't already been couch ridden this holiday season, odds are New Years day should get you there. A couch ridden weekday off is an awesome opportunity to catch up on some headache tolerable games. The best type of game for these situations is one that doesn't require so much of your attention that you can't also binge watch some show on Netflix. Like I said yesterday, I caught up on some House of Cards...I've also been watching some Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just finished Season 2 (Angel, how could you!?)

For the New Year, if you are one of the many who will be hitting the Tylenol, instead of the gym, I'm going to suggest one of my favorite Hangover Games: Dungeon Village. RPGs are by far and away one of my favorite genres. I love advancing through a story and watching your characters grow and become more and more badass as the game goes on. Dungeon Village, takes this concept and flips it on it's head.

Instead of going to the tavern and getting a quest, you are the tavern owner handing out the quests. Instead of hitting up the blacksmith to upgrade your weapons, you are the one selling the upgrade to that wondering adventurer you've been so many times before. But how can that be any fun!? You mean that I'm not the "Chosen One" again? I don't get to slay the dragon this time? Yes! That's exactly what I mean. You're just the entrepreneur benefiting off the backs and treasure of these clueless saps.

The basic premise of the game is that you own a fledgling outpost on the frontier of adventure land. Your goal is to upgrade your town and create a higher reputation for yourself in order to attract more adventures to your "cause"...which is basically making more money off of them. You upgrade by adding more features to your village, like housing to live or just stay the night a,t or a bar for them to waste their hard earned loot on.

Think of it like Pokemon, you help with training and supplying your "PokeAdventures" to complete their tasks. You pick the right personnel for a given quest and you can also "evolve" your adventures with different jobs that give them added bonuses to their stats. Between setting up your village just the way you want it, training your adventures and watching them complete their quests, there's lots to love with this game. The biggest downfall comes with it's short play time and zero to no end game content. Once you reach the end, there's nothing left to do, unless you want to start all over again....and unless you're hungover all the time, you're going to want to put plenty of time between you and your first run through.

The developer, Kairosoft, has many other games with basically the same concept of game play. This
is the only one of their titles that I've picked up so far, but my next couch ridden day I think I'm going to give Game Developer Story a try...at $4.99 Dungeon Village is worth the money, and Kairosoft provides free "lite" versions of most of their games, so be sure to give the demo a try before making the full purchase. I mean that's a full meal at McDonald's. I don't want you wasting your money here.

So, you have any suggestions for me for my next Hangover game? What types of casual games do you like the best?
Thanks for reading!

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