Thursday, December 11, 2014

Jarosław Zieliński Answers Hatred Questions

(Update 12/15: Hatred is now up on Steam Greenlight. You can vote for it here)
(2nd Update 12/15: Hatred has already been removed from Greenlight, that happened pretty fast)
(3rd Update 12/17: Gabe caught wind of Hatred being removed and then put it back up on Greenlight)

  A month ago I wrote about the shock-tastic gore fest coming to PC, Hatred. It's been a while since I've actually said, "What the fuck!?" when watching a trailer for a new game. But it seems that Hatred has the Texas Truck sized balls to run head first, auto rifles blazing, into one of America's most taboo subjects. 

A lot of games writers immediately lambasted it for "obvious connections" to various shit head mass shooters like Adam Lanza or Elliot Rodgers, and I guess that's understandable...if you have no fucking clue what Metal is. Just read the lyrics...or fuck it, look at the artwork for albums by Cannibal Corpse, Lord Mantis or even GWAR (Listen to Krosstika a few time). These bands and others like them often push our boundaries of what is acceptable. Is anything out of bounds or over the line? Of course! But it's about context people. 

I wanted to get to the bottom of my theory, so I figured I'd go straight to the source itself! Destructive Creations CEO, Jarosław Zieliński, was awesome enough to answer some of my questions:

TDDWS: Many people have accused your game of being influenced by mass shootings such as Columbine and the more recent Elliot Rogers shooting. This article on The Daily Dot accuses the game of being "written out of the Elliot Rodgers playbook". How much influence does the game take from these real life shootings?

JarosławThere are no real mass-shootings which were a reference for our game. It's plot isn't based on anything that actually happened. Elliot Rodgers was emo fag. :)

TDDWSWhen I first saw CEO Jaroslaw Zielinski wearing a Black Witchery t-shirt in your team photo it made sense to me. The game speaks heavily with tones from black metal. The hatred of mankind, the grim black/white visuals and the words, "I just fuckin' hate this world. And the human worms feasting on its carcass. My whole life is just cold, bitter hatred." could be straight out off of a black metal album. Did metal influence this game at all? Are we supposed to draw these parallels between your game and the genre?

JarosławWell, I think that music influenced my life, since I'm into it for the most part of my existence. Therefore you can kinda say that it influenced my creations and creative ideas also. 

TDDWSFrom my view there's a pretty big spectrum. People (like me) who are excited to see more shocking games come back to the medium. And others who believe this is a "Genocide simulator developed by Neo-Nazis" (something black metal musicians are often accused of also). Since the release of your trailer, what has surprised you most about it's reception?

JarosławWhat surprised me the most is the amount of positive feedback and die-hard fans. I never imagined that so many people think the way we do. There are legions of our supporters and they are force our haters shall reckon with. :D

Thanks for contact and for your support! Good luck with your blog and stay tuned because Greenlight campaign is coming and pre-orders campaign is coming also. :)

I was blown away by how friendly and quickly Mr. Zieliński responded to my questions. I didn't get the "Yes, this game is about Metal!" answer that I suspected, but I appreciate an honest answer more than anything. I'll be watching Greenlight and the pre-order campaign, count me in the legion! I'm looking forward to playing the full game, blowing shit up and blasting Gorgoroth while doing it. 

What about you guys? Already made your conclusions? Let me know below or: 


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