Friday, December 12, 2014

The Great Lucky Chloe Controversy

So earlier this week when I first heard the chief producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada tweet about making Lucky Chloe (the newly revealed character to the Tekken7 roster) a regional exclusive, I made two assumptions. Firstly I thought that Harada was being serious, and secondly that Chloe would be vanishing along the same lines as Scarlett's armor bikini in Divinity Original Sin. 

Of course, I was happily wrong about both of these assumptions. Harada clarified, in broken Engrish, that he was just messing around with some of the forum members on Neogaf. Also, this wasn't some deep seeded SJW conspiracy led by Anita Sarkeesian to rid the world of "Furry Vocaloid Idols". So, what is the deal!? I wanted to find out, so I've dived deep into the WORLD WIDE WEB to find some answers...and it seems that some people are really not happy with her design. Depending on what site you looked at, the reception was either very positive or very negative. Neogaf and 4chan seem to despise her, while Reddit and Twitter seems to be rooting for her, even making petitions for her release.

Here are some good quotes I've found to better explain the controversy.

The negative:
  • Tekken has gotten out of control with the ridiculousness....with this stupid overly catered to anime nonsense that is too much even for Tekken. The hate for her has absolutely nothing to do with feminism or SJW crap or whatever nonsense you're so blinded by....Doesn't it say something about how different they're catering their new characters. Before we'd get believable yet cool new characters based on legitimate martial arts. Now the only character that has a martial art is Katarina while everyone else is one Anime trope after the other. 
  • Yes, tekken has always had some REALLY out there character designs, but they still tend to be either combat oriented (giant animals, mannequins, robot girls) or joke characters (Gon, the old doctor dude who couldn't stand up, etc). This doesn't really fit into either category and really comes across as pandering (oh it took so much willpower to not make a panda-ing joke...)
  • Did Harada have a seizure or something
  • I don't mind those sorts of characters as they add diversity for folks that care about playing them, but ripping off another game's character design (which is what's happened here) and mashing together Lili and Christie's moves to make said character is kinda bootleg.   
  • Chloe is a poor design for Tekken. This is the part where you say "but bears and kangaroos and aliens!" Look, if Chloe was ALSO an alien or a robot then I think that she'd be pretty interesting. Chloe is neither semi-realistic or super outlandish… But hey, it's his game. He can do want he wants with it. But I can complain about it too. If I didn't love the series I wouldn't even complain… And I'm not a moe hater either. I'm one of "those" guys. But it has no place in Tekken. 
  • Don't get me wrong, Felicia was one of my favorite Darkstalkers characters, but this moe stuff doesn't belong in Tekken. Not only that, but they couldn't even give her a unique fighting style. Half these moves are straight Xiaoyu ripoffs.

The "Postive":
  • And what exactly is wrong with this character? It's a japanese game, so of course it will have japanese character archetypes. This particular archetype is quite popular these days, so why not? If you aren't a fan of wacky japanese tropes, you are looking at the wrong franchise.
  • I want to buy whatever plays Tekken 7, Tekken 7, learn how to play, and main Chloe. She seems INCREDIBLY annoying. I'd love to make my opponents suffer through that. I like it.
  • Wait. Wait. Why are people shitting bricks about an 'idol' character? What? They have a couple pro-wrestlers, several wild animals, a predominantly pink and heart-y rich girl, a friggin mannequin, super models, and a robot-samurai-clown... thing all fighting in the same arena. But a popstar is off limits. What the actual fuck is wrong with people?
The whole thing makes a little more sense when you read how dedicated Tekken fans received Chloe. I played a shit ton of Tekken I/II/III and mained King of course! I tend to see the whole thing in the positive light. Even if you don't like the character, it'll be fun to know that there's a high probability that whoever's ass you're kicking with her, they're going to be even more pissed. The troll potential is high my friends. 

Bonus Perspective:
  • Are you serious? Harada is a fucking huge Idolmaster fan.

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