Monday, December 1, 2014

Did Mad Magazine Spark #Gamergate?!

Well, I'm back! I've been on vacation for the past two weeks, if you were wondering (probably not). I had the pleasure to go home to visit my parents in sunny Springfield, Oregon! Well anyways, I got to go through some of my old shit and was looking for one thing in particular that I wanted to share with you (and will eventually)...but I stumbled upon this...this gem!

I've read a few things about the UK based magazine, The Edge, that claim the rag ignited the SJW mentality that has taken such a firm grip on so many of our gaming brethren...I'm not so sure that's the case now! In my most Buzzfeed titled post yet, check out some of the highlights from this article I found in my closet from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in time, September 2005. Is it possible that Anita Sarkeesian subscribed and read THIS VERY ARTICLE? Well my friends...when you see what the #1 issue is...I think the obvious answer is a resounding, YES!!! Someone call Thunderf00t!

I also grabbed a couple highlights and threw them in here, it seems not much has changed in almost a decade! But hey what can you expect?
I think the obvious answer here is movies based on video games....Mario Bros, FFVII Advent Children, House of the Dead, really anything by Uwe Boll...Just recently we got two great games after movie IPs, Alien Isolation and Shadow Of Mordor. It wont be long until the new World of Warcraft movie comes out! Fingers crossed that this helps turn the tide!

We're getting close to Pokemon's 20th anniversary in the states and with the release of  two new games last week I don't think the company has any plans to change their business model...and why should they!?

If only Mad knew about the upcoming onslaught of DLC and micro transactions....buying an extra controller was just the beginning! Who knows how bad it will be 10 years from now!?

Drum roll please....and the number 1 spot goes to!!!

Will the game industry ever live down Beach Volley Ball, Laura Croft, murdering hookers and big boobs? I think not! Goddammit...I'm kicking myself in the ass for this one...This is almost word for word from Anita's latest Tropes video, Women as Background Decoration. I was sitting on a goldmine and didn't even know it! Damn you to hell Mad Magazine! If only Kickstarter had been around at the time.... 

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