Thursday, December 4, 2014

WiiU: First Impressions

My favorite part of Black Friday is thinking about the utter chaos that is taking place across America while I'm still in bed. The WalMart mutants and hambeasts are out in droves, duking it out for $20 off that 40" HD Lenovo...and hell why shouldn't they!? That's a fuckin deal.

This year though, I was very tempted to make the journey and brave my local BestBuy to pick up an awesome deal on a WiiU. With Bayonetta 2, Highrule Warriors and new Smash Bros out I've been wanting to pick one up for awhile now. The bundle was a really good deal, for $350 bucks you got the system, new Donkey Kong, new Mario, Nintendo Land and Smash! It was very tempting, but my logical side took over and said, "There's no fucking way I'm waiting in line anywhere on Black Friday", and promptly went back to bed.  

I made a deal with myself though, I decided I would head over there around 6pm after things had died down and if there were any left I would buy one. I figured there would be little to no possible chance that I would have that kind of good I get off of work, traffic is a breeze, fly to BestBuy, find a parking spot in the front fucking isle, walk in and buy the VERY LAST BUNDLE they had left. Fuck Jesus, this was a true Christmas miracle!

I should have took some pictures, but honestly I haven't had such an excited feeling about unboxing anything since I can remember. Nintendo has a put together some high quality packaging here! All the system parts are neatly wrapped in thin foam and fit snuggly in the box. The box itself has a nice gloss and felt strangely good to open, if that makes any sense (you'll have to try it). My only real complaint is about some of the dainty wiring and system parts. It further shows that this system was designed and manufactured in Japan. There's no way that shit would fly in America, we're big clumsy people with big clumsy animals that will destroy anything that's not wrapped in Kevlar.

I'm still learning how best to navigate the home screen and Miiverse (I guess some sort of social networking thing within the Nintendo network, which seems to have some hilarious potential for Weeaboos and Trolls), but it's coming along. I think once I feel like I know what the fuck is going on with that home screen I will have a good time with it. Other than that I've noticed some frame rate issues and long load times that i was not expecting.

A lot of people seem to think that the WiiU Gamepad is just a gimmick, but it wasn't until I was sitting on the couch with the TV and pad in front of me to realize, "Holy shit! The WiiU is just a giant Nintendo DS!" I mean I've played many demos of the system, but it wasn't until I was sitting with my own nice sleek Gamepad that wasn't at Target and covered in kid snot, that the thing has a lot of potential. I love my DS, it's great for tactical games and quick menu navigation and I'm hoping that more developers start supporting it. The Gamepad is also great for remote play that you can take a pretty surprisingly far distance. So no more worrying about mid game shits!

The Games:
Smash Bros: It's fucking amazing, like always, and with the addition of Mega-Man...damn I have and will continue to play the fuck out of that game.

Donkey Kong Country, Tropical Freeze: I played the shit out of DKC and DKCII back in the day. I would speed run them in pretty impressive times, so I was hoping and expecting a lot out of this game. Honestly in the first couple of hours I've put into it, I'm really not impressed. DKC was a groundbreaking platformer for its time, and Goddammit! It should still be so today! This (so far) doesn't hold up next to the quality of a game like Rayman Legends. Step it up people.

Mario 3D World: So far it's alright, I've only given it 15 minutes...seems a little slow and clunky though.

NintendoLand: ahhh fuck it...I've been too busy playing Smash. Haven't even unwrapped it yet!

The system is unique! The Gamepad, interface and games make it a one of a kind gaming experience. With so many good PC ports of PS4 and Xbone games, it's harder to justify their purchase.  I would say that if I had to choose only one console it would be the WiiU, and a decent PC. With that combo you wont be missing anything. I was really hoping for more out of DKTF, but you can't win them all!  

Have you played the WiiU? What do you think about it? Just a gimmick? Lemme know!

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  1. The controller is totally redundant and it turns on randomly advertising new games and things on it's little screen while the rest of the system is off... this I feel is rude. I had hoped for more from Mario 3D. The visual and game play are tediously frustrating and the characters are slow. All in all though I'm happy there is one at the house and generally enjoy it (minus the advertising, again, it's rude).