Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nintendo Needs a Subscription Service

It's great news that Sony took the first steps, out of the Big 3, to take PlayStation Now into subscription territory. The current pricing for digital rentals/purchases just doesn't justify spending the money on it. Full price for games that have been out for months? Classic games that you've already bought for full price, now just $39.99? You gotta be kidding me! But now, for only $20 a months you'll have access to over 100 titles that require no hard drive space, just pure streaming with decent quality. Initial impressions of the service say that there is some resolution downgrade in order to maintain FPS, but when you're playing Street Fighter IV what's more important?

Two weeks ago, before Sony's announcement, I wondered why Nintendo hadn't already mimicked the Netflix business plan and started their own Club subscription. I mean it's a club for christ sake! With Nintendo's already extensive catalog, you'd think the subscription service would be a no brainer...but instead they continue to stick their head in the sand, and I end up paying $5.99 for a port of MegaMan 2.

How many people are going to do that though, when you can easily emulate the thing for free on any PC?...Just like HBO, and Game of Thrones. People were begging for a subscription, but were forced to pay hundreds of dollars to use prehistoric cable company services just to watch it. In situations such as this, I am pro-emulation or pirating if a company is stubborn or choosing to shoot itself in the foot. Especially for a product that I've already purchased many times! Not to mention, rented many times also. I wonder how much money I've spent on MegaMan 2 in my lifetime!? Well add another $5.99 to the tally.

If any company has the means or reasoning to make this's Nintendo. Just imagine what a reasonably priced subscription service would do to the WiiU's floundering sales? The struggling console has it's niche and also it's decent library of exclusive titles, so why not make the package even more enticing by opening up that Nintendo Vault!? Maybe they're scared that we'll find the frozen head of  Hiroshi Yamauchi?

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