Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Things I Learned About Star Citizen

First off, I've discovered that Vivian James not only has one of the sickest battle stations I've ever seen, she's also one of the 2% of females who are currently playing Star Citizen. About 4000 members of the game's community participated in a survey to "gain a better understanding of Star Citizen's fan base". The survey shed light on the massive sausage fest space flight simulator in a number of ways:

Holy damn! That's a lot of dudes...If I can get a decent PC soon, I will be one of them

15% have spent over $1000!? If true, that's incredible.

Looks like we may be seeing plenty of space boobs. I'll be leaving that filter off.

48 hours!? These guys aren't fucking around. Haaaha

Firefly wins out for the most similar sci-fi universe...cause who the hell doesn't want to fight the Revears or transport space cows!? 

The game looks fantastic and gigantic! I just need a battle station that can play it...Vivian is making me jealous with that thing. If you wanna know more about Star Citizen, watch this video:


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